Pure Magic, Comedy and Entertainment

World-class illusionist Billy Riggs is a master magician who brings a unique flair to corporate entertainment. He has dazzled audiences on five continents as a magician, been a featured entertainer on 10 cruise ships, and performed to crowds from 20 to 20,000. Imagine your people laughing until they cry, being astounded by Las Vegas-quality magic, and leaving with the unmistakable sense that they have been thoroughly… entertained (not to mention having sore cheeks from laughing so much!). Audience participation, hilarious comic routines, music and astonishing effects come together in an unforgettable blend of enchantment and entertainment. Billy reads minds, solves Rubik’s Cubes with his eyes closed, makes items appear and disappear at his fingertips, and performs classic illusions and original effects, all while tickling funny bones. His quick hands and quicker wit combine to make events come alive! (30 to 70 minutes)


Billy Riggs is the REAL DEAL! Even though our employee Christmas party was a comparatively small venue (90 people), Billy entertained us as though he were playing Caesar’s Palace. You won’t be disappointed! Jeff Chapman, Vice President, National Bank of Andrews, Texas


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Billy Billy baffles 13000 people in the Orlando Convention center with 2 illusions he performs in EVERY show, even in your living room!

Billy is a wizard with a deck of cards! Click the video below to watch Billy perform a hilarious routine with 52 cards and a borrowed purse.

Click the video below to watch Billy perform the world’s second-greatest card trick for 1500 people! He’ll show you the absolute best card trick when you meet him in person.

Click the video below to watch Billy simultaneously solve TWO Rubik’s Cubes (mixed by the audience) in 8 seconds while blindfolded!

Click the video below to watch a 2+ minute vintage video of Billy entertaining hundreds of audiences over the past 40 years! He has the experience you demand when you need a guaranteed smash hit!