Billy Riggs enjoys a special connection with educators. Teachers and support staff across America have hailed Billy’s in-service presentations as the most moving and inspiring of their educational careers. When combined with the hilarity and entertainment afforded by his magical talents, his visit to your school system will unquestionably be your most memorable in-service ever. VISIT BILLY’S EDUCATION-SPECIFIC WEBSITE HERE.



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Billy made me want to get up and run to school! He showed me what I once knew but forgot about. Children need me! Jason Perkins, Fourth Grade Teacher, Rudyard Area Schools, Upper Peninsula, Michigan

This was my 31st first-day talk. By far the best ever! The use of humor, realism, and practical ideas was believable and useable. Dick Zemahr, P.E. Teacher, Saranac Lake High School, Saranac Lake, New York

One of the best motivational and inspirational programs I have ever been associated with. Just awesome! Gene Burton, Superintendent, Rockwall Independent School District, Rockwall, Texas

Excellent, very rewarding and entertaining. Like no other speaker I’ve ever seen. Inspirational and motivational. Doug Buchanan, Principal and Interim Superintendent, Lasara Independent School District, Lasara, Texas

Excellent presentation filled with valuable information to motivate all of us who so strongly believe in public education. Jim Gottinger, Superintendent, Lake Geneva Schools, Wisconsin

Outstanding! Billy Riggs understands our youth and what it takes [for teachers] to motivate them. James Feil, Superintendent, Easter Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District

Message is very direct and makes any serious educator consider their role in making a difference in lives of children.Pete Everson, Superintendent, St. Ignace Area Schools, Michigan

Billy Riggs’ speech to our 4,000 school district employees was entertaining, energetic, and encouraging. With his wit and words of wisdom, Billy re-lit a spark in our educators’ souls that is sure to result in a magical year for our students! Dr. Veronica Guerra, Superintendent, Laredo Independent School District, Texas

Billy’s presentation was effective beyond my hopes. The many e-mails and phone calls thanking us for having him were proof of the power of his message. Jeff Seymour, Superintendent, El Monte Public Schools, Los Angeles, California

Magical! Spellbinding! Uplifting! Walter Wallace, Chief Business Officer, Grenada Hills Charter School, Grenada Hills, California

Excellent presentation that made you think while keeping you laughing. Austin Thacker, Superintendent, Frankston Independent School District, Frankston, Texas

Fabulous! Informative, interesting, humorous, motivational! You left us wanting more! Bill Stewart, Superintendent, Alba-Golden Independent School District, Alba, Texas

A can’t miss speaker – great job – great message! John Raymond, Superintendent, Saranac Lake Central Schools, Saranac Lake, New York

Excellent!!! Dr. Phillip Knight, Superintendent, Alamogordo Public Schools, Alamogordo, New Mexico

I wanted this year’s Back-to-School Convocation to highlight the ‘magic of Sheldon ISD’ and no one could have done a better job than Billy Riggs with setting the tone for that day. From his illusions to the insightful sharing of his life, Mr. Riggs emphasized that the ability to do great things lies within each of us … all we have to do is find our ‘magic.’ Our staff enjoyed him so much that they’ve asked us to allow him to return at a later date for a refresher! His magic is not of the hat and wand — it’s of the heart! Stephanie Craven, Superintendent, Sheldon Independent School District, Houston, Texas

The best I’ve ever seen or heard (and I’m 67 years old.) Bravo! Ruedelle Moreau, Special Education Clerk, Central Office, Sheldon Independent School District, Houston, Texas

This was the best faculty meeting I’ve ever been to. Ask him back! Pay him more. Karen Turano, Teacher, Houston, Texas

Billy kept and entire room captivated for an hour and a half with fabulous teachings and magic! Jason Butcher, Teacher, Hermosa Beach, California

Makes the agony of teacher in-services fun and inspiring. Chris Shima, First grade teacher, Los Angeles, California

Positively fascinating! What a great way to start the year! Lynette Eichenlaub, Teacher

You are everything a motivational speaker should be! Lori Koch, Kindergarten Teacher, San Juan Capistrano, California

Best staff day speaker we have ever had at HBCSD! Thanks for your inspiration and motivation. No name given, Hermosa Beach, California

My attention was on Mr. Riggs at all times! Great inspirational speaker!!! Kim O’Brien, Teacher, Hermosa Beach, California

Very entertaining. Thought-provoking – best inservice we have ever had. This has given me a new attitude to start a GREAT school year! Cindi Avol, Math Teacher, Hermosa Beach, California

Excellent presentation! In my 44 years of teaching, this has been the best. Keep up your good work. R.C. Salinas, Local Historian, Rio Grande CISD, Rio Grande City, Texas

This is exactly what I needed to hear this time of year! It filled me up and inspired me! Lindsay Seely, Science Teacher, St. James Parish Science and Math Academy, Louisiana

The most interesting lecture I’ve ever heard in an education meeting (or otherwise)! Nola Jones, Retired teacher, Alamogordo Public Schools, Alamogordo, New Mexico

I am working on a Master’s Degree in counseling. This seminar was worth 12+ credit hours in graduate studies! He is college professor material! Kay Lawrence, Secondary English Teacher, Sault Ste. Marie High School, Michigan

It was a lot of fun. This was the most entertaining presentation of all in my 8 years here. It did help to inspire us all. Adam Garcia, Fourth Grade Teacher, El Monte City School District, Los Angeles, California