15 Reasons To Choose Billy Riggs as your Presenter

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As one speakers’ bureau owner said, “Billy Riggs is the best value for the money in the speaking industry!”
Billy’s mission is to transform lives and organization by delivering fresh, useful content in a way that is incredibly fun, uplifting and inspiring, and to provide it at an exceptional value for meeting planners.


No one offers more for your conference or training budget.

1. A guaranteed smash hit! Hundreds of standing ovations in all 50 states attest that your people will go wild over his program.
2. He offers the most perfect blend of fun and content available anywhere. No one combines spellbinding oratory, uplifting inspiration, practical training, comedy, and entertainment so seamlessly and powerfully. The quintessential edu-tainer.
3. Incredibly fast response times. Emails are usually answered within a few minutes and in great detail. All needed materials are available on this website, including AV needs, downloadable photos, introductions, and bio. The only bureau we know that tracks these things ranked our average response time at an incredible 6 minutes!
4. Billy Riggs answers his own phone 365 days per year. Unless he’s onstage, you’ll be able to ask him any question and get an immediate answer. On the rare occasions when he’s uavailable to answer, voicemails will

be returned at the earliest possible opportunity. 512-750-6339.

5. One fixed low price, regardless of the length of the presentation. Whether you want a half-day training, or a 45 minute keynote and 2 breakouts, the one low price remains unchanged (assuming they all take place on the same day). Alternatively, you may choose for Billy to present one of these three programs for your favorite charity or customer.

6. Experience you can trust. 25 years as one of the pre-eminent educational entertainers in America means you can relax and know that every detail or potential challenge has been fully accounted for.

7. A wide variety of topics. Whether your group is made up of salespeople, supervisors, CEOs, or frontline customer service providers, Billy has a message that is relevant and powerful.

8. Absolute professionalism. You can book Billy Riggs knowing that he will be on time, polite, and kind. He doesn’t drink, smoke, use foul language, or flirt with conference attendees. He chats openly and graciously with anyone who wants to talk.

9. Squeaky-clean presentations. There is no off-color material in any of Billy’s presentations. Not even close.

10. Reliability. Over a quarter of a century, Billy has never missed a presentation. Several times he has driven all night (after an airport was closed due to a snowstorm, for example) to fulfill his obligations. He always arrives. Other speakers may cancel to avoid the hassle. Billy never does.

11. There’s not a prima donna cell in Billy’s body. He comes to serve you and your people with a joyful heart and a great attitude. He and his staff are remarkably easy to work with.

12. Frugality with your travel budget. Billy never flies first class, books expensive hotels, or eats pricey meals at his clients’ expense. He gets the lowest airfare available (for reasonable itineraries) and never spends more than $15 on a meal (or, if he does, he only bills for $15). Or, we can build expenses into the fee, or cap them if you prefer.

13. Flexible payment terms. You may pay by check, electronic transfer, Paypal, or credit card, and take up to 30 days after his program to pay, if you need to. We prefer a 10% up-front deposit, but even this may be waived upon request.

14. Billy’s presentations NEVER run over their designated time. He keeps a clock onstage and adjusts his program on the fly to be certain he ends within 60 seconds of his appointed time or assigned length (you choose).

15. Easy-peasy contracts. Billy’s contracts are one page long. No legal jargon, no loopholes, no wasted afternoons reading page after page of fine print. Just a simple agreement between honorable people. (If you book through a third party, though, you’ll be using their usual contracts, not Billy’s.)


“Keynote programs that are the most fun, practical and inspiring you’ve ever experienced, of any length, for one low price.”

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Billy Riggs has been called "a psychologist masquerading as a comedian and magician." He was voted one of America's Top Five Most Entertaining Speakers in a nationwide poll of conference attendees. As a highly skilled orator Billy moves audiences to action with his message of hope and inspiration. Add in his talent as a master magician, comedian, and spellbinding entertainer, and he delivers a presentation that audiences will remember long after the event ends. Billy's presentations change lives, improve attitudes, turbocharge sales, and inspire exceptional service. Through television, radio, books, videos, and live keynote speeches Billy continues to spread his message and more than a million people on five continents have benefited from his work. Billy starred in his own television special, "The Magic of Attitude."


1. Billy was voted one of the Top 5 Most Entertaining Speakers in America! He was nominated from among hundreds, and elected in a nationwide vote as one of the five best!
  2. Billy starred in his own 90-minute television special, "Positively Magical Attitudes!" You can purchase it by clicking on "Store" above.
  3. Billy designed a mind-boggling illusion using drawings of himself. Watch video of it here . The solution to the mystery is cleverly concealed somewhere on this very website. Happy hunting! You may not sleep 'til you find out how it's done! .

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