Funniest Motivational Speaker Anywhere!
Billy Riggs is more than just a funny speaker. He blends nonstop comedy with moving stories, valuable insights, motivational truths, and mind-blowing magic tricks to form a package that’s unrivaled in the speaking profession.
Laughed so hard I nearly wet myself! And I LOVED the message!   Brad Barber, President and CEO, Members First Credit Union
I laughed so hard I peed my pants! Really! I’m not kidding!  Jayme Glaros, Teacher, A+ Academy, Dallas, Texas

Remarkable, inspirational, educational, hysterical.   Peter Gross, South Park Bowl, Denver, Colorado

I laughed so hard I wanted to disappear! But the testimony was incredible.   Dawn Macleod, HR Manager, Penobscot & McCrum Attorneys

The best motivational and funniest speaker I have ever listened to! Fantastic!!!   Omar Mickens, Business Development Officer, Wells Fargo

Exceptional blend of humor, magic, and motivation.   Kim Roberts, Seed Specialist, Agvantage FS, Inc., New Hampton, Iowa

Fabulous and Fun! Fun and Funny! Funny and fabulous!!!   Betty Sharkel, Business Adminstrator, School Administrative Unit 39, Amherst, New Hampshire

Incredible!! So funny! Really enjoyed how the serious talk was presented humorously.  Gina SoKolich, Event Coordinator, City of Arnold, Missouri

Billy Riggs is not just a master magician, but someone with a great message – how to do more business and become more successful. Billy’s presentation is very professional and he keeps everyone involved and active. You won’t stop laughing until the end!  Harlan Rimmerman, Director of Education, National Auctioneers Association

Great speaker! Very interesting, very funny! Truly as good as a Las Vegas show. Thank you so much!  Dora Garza, Child Development Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas

Funny, funny, funny and very motivational! I loved it!   Rachel Sebeck, National Childcare Development

Hilariously funny without being insulting. Wonderful motivational message.  Rebecca Fuller, Treasury Services Manager, CoServ Electric Cooperative

Very Entertaining. Really brought together important points while keeping us laughing.  Kayla Keck, Sales Manager, Fulford Homes, St. Louis, Missouri

Very funny, but genuine and heartfelt.  Victoria Rosario, Dean of Student Development, Folsom Lake College

I thoroughly enjoyed it! My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much. It was a great combo of fun and information. Great job! Thanks! Our best employee training day yet.  April Santiago, Teller, Abilene Teachers Credit Union, Abilene, Texas

Funny, funny, funny! Interesting how magic, positive thinking and one’s occupation can be tied all together in such an entertaining presentation.  Teresa Harkey, Dental Hygienist, Plaza Dental Offices

I’ve never laughed so hard and been so moved!!!   Jeanine Bowman, Food Service Director, Benson Public Schools
I think Billy is just AWESOME! I keep picking up my jaw from the floor – and laughing a lot! Well worthy my time. Love it!   Gloria Mirabal, Paraprofessional, El Paso ISD, Texas

You have a very creative way of showing how important a good attitude is. Laughed ’til my sides hurt!!   Natalie Stenger, Food Service Coordinator, Minneapolis Special District #1 Food Service

Loved it!! Laughed ’til I cried!!   No name given, Food Specialist, Forest Lake ISD #831

I’ve got a headache from laughing so hard! I especially loved the funny song!  Lori Mangrum, Manager. MSD of Decatur Township, Indiana

Excellent. Very well done. It’s tough to be humorous and relevant, but you pulled it off.   John Pedicon, Superintendent, Tuscon United School District, Arizona

I was totally in stitches. I laughed so hard my jaws hurt.  Judy A. Miller, Administrative Director, Mason City Area Nursing Home, Mason City, Illinois

I was laughing through tears but his messages hit home.  Susan Ludy, Executive Director, Beverly Healthcare of Jefferson City, Missouri

I laughed until I cried!   Dr. Martie Bickwermert, Director of Cardio-Pulmonary, Memorial Hospital, Evansville, Indiana