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1 hour face-to-face (online) training for $100.
RECEIVE BILLY’S BOOK, THE TWELVE IMMUTABLE LAWS OF HUMORfree just for calling/emailing to inquire (emailed to you as a PDF).

Learn directly from Billy Riggs LIVE (one-on-one via Skype or Zoom) how you can rivet audiences with your public speaking skills the way he has for audiences of up to 20,000 people at a time for more than 40 years. You’ll receive thoroughly customized speech coaching from a platform master.

Don’t waste your money on speaker coaches who will program you with robotic gestures to “enhance” a stilted message that sounds rehearsed (and charge you thousands of dollars for it!). And don’t waste your valuable time on new-age gobbledygook or embarrassing group exercises. Billy Riggs will help you become authentically you in such a way that your speech connects, resonates and persuades. When you address a group feeling comfortable in your own shoes, sharing your true passion you naturally become an effective communicator. All that is necessary is to chip away the self-consciousness, anxiety and awkward habits that create barriers between you and your audience.

Billy will tutor executives, salespeople and trainers to deliver presentations that are genuine and impactful. You may know what message you want to convey, but don’t know how to organize, craft and deliver it.   

Absolutely the best speaker training for the money anywhere in the USA.

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Speaking coach Billy Riggs wows thousands at the Laredo Convention Center.
Effective speaking skills are not inborn; they are learned. Though some lucky people naturally engage in behaviors that make them dynamic public speakers, it doesn’t necessarily follow that those who do not do those things by second nature cannot learn those same skills and perform them equally well or better. While tips for effective speaking can be found online easily, one-on-one professional speaker training is usually far too expensive for most people to even consider.  And who has time to take a course at the local college? Toastmasters will help some, but participants in that wonderful organization attend precisely because they are not yet able to cut it as professional speakers. They, themselves, need a speaking coach. That’s why I’ve created a formula to provide those who need a public speaking tutor in advanced speaker training at an affordable price. After a recent speaking event, an attendee said, “You’re the best speaker I’ve ever heard, but I need a speech coach near me. Do you know one?” I replied, “No, but that’s why God invented Skype!” I love meeting with those who want to become professionals speakers in person, but even for those who don’t live near me (in Austin, Texas), I provide face-to-face training via the Web to anyoneanywhere at a shockingly low price. You’ll receive:

  • More than three hours focusing specifically on you and your message.
  • A copy of my book (emailed to you) on how to be funny onstage.
  • Watching video of you speaking, if available, with analysis.
  • Helping to organize your thoughts into a coherent speech.
  • Jokes, one-liners, stories and statistics to spice up your message.
  • Additional advice over the phone that is (almost) unlimited for six months.
  • Analysis of your gestures, stance, and movement.
  • Training in how to move an audience to tears, to laughter, to action.

When you add in the fact that I am genetically wired to always do more than I’m paid for, I’m convinced I may be the best public speaking coach for the money anywhere. If you need a speaker coach in Austin, Texas, I might even be able to come hear you speak in person. You can learn to speak publicly with power, clarity, and persuasion, all while feeling comfortable and confident onstage. You’ll be WAY BETTER after just one session.





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