Your Favorite Love Songs, DIVORCE STYLE! (Funny Music CD)

William Riggs


The funniest gift you’ll ever give a divorced person!  These hilarious PARODIES of classic love songs tell your EX-Spouse or EX-Lover EXactly how you feel!  Give your hurting loved one the gift of laughter as top Las Vegas impersonators sing the twisted and hysterical lyrics to sound JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL RECORDINGS! When you purchase the CD, you’ll receive a pdf of all of the lyrics so you’ll be able to sing along, reshaping your attitude and preparing for a wonderful future!  Original lyrics written by Billy Riggs.
LISTEN TO A 30-Second Sample in the video below. CLICK ANY TITLE BELOW to listen to the whole song. Then download any individual song you like for 99 cents each!

“Are You Loathsome Tonight?” Paul Casey, The Official Elvis of Las Vegas, impersonating The King!
“The Wind Between My Cheeks” Shirley U. Jest impersonating Bette!
“You Dried Up My Life” Bethany Owen, The Woman of 1001 Voices, impersonating Debby!
“You Clog Up My Senses” Larry G. Jones, The Man of 1002 Voices, impersonating Country Boy!
“You Make Me Feel Like Dung” Ryan Baker impersonating The Chairman of The Board!
“Only You (That’s All that You Think Of)” Lambus Dean impersonating The Platters!
“To All the Girls I Could Have Loved” Larry G. Jones, The Man of 1002 Voices, impersonating Willie and Julio!
“I’m Gonna Hate You Forever” Dave Russell impersonating Randy!
“Friends in Law Places”  Dave Russell impersonating Garth!
“So Forgettable” Christopher P. Nolan and DeNita Asberry impersonating Nat and Natalie!
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