How To Become A Born Leader (Paperback 165 Pages)

William Riggs
Billy Riggs' life-changing book on leadership.


A boss and a leader are wildly different creatures. The boss lurks behind employees to prod, goad, and threaten workers, or stands in front to entice them to do jobs they would never do otherwise. A leader, by contrast, burrows into the hearts of employees and sets them afire with a desire to do those very things unbidden. This book offers a roadmap to wean managers away from the carrots-and-sticks approach and to empower them with tools to motivate workers from within. This book thrusts each reader into a centrifuge and spins them until the weightier qualities of a leader have been separated out and the superficial features of a boss may be shucked off, leaving only pure leadership behind. Years later, those uninformed souls who never witnessed the transformation stand in awe of one they mistakenly call a “born leader,” one who exerts an almost magical spell over those being led. Leaders are not born, but built as you scale the Leadership Pyramid.



Video of Billy Performing the World’s Second-Best Card Trick!

Watch as Billy Riggs presents this funny routine for 1500 people in Houston in August of 2023, and does it in every show. BTW, this is the world’s best stage card trick. He’ll be happy to do the absolute world’s best card trick for you in person, but it’s too small to do for more […]

Leadership Made Simple

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! The photo above depicts the way many people perceive the leadership process: complicated. But my diagram is much simpler: It’s a mountain. True leaders function from the mountaintop. Mere bosses languish at the bottom. As if that weren’t already simplistic enough, it’s a purely binary arrangement. You’re either […]

Billy Riggs' Leadership Pyramid
Be a Leader, Not Just a Boss

THE BOSS A boss and a leader are not the same things. In fact, they’re almost opposites. A boss is one who employs a series of carrots and sticks, perks and threats, promises and punishments to leverage employees into doing tasks they’d rather not do. The boss must convince staff members that their lives will […]

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