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William Riggs
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(114 pages) False perceptions of reality, most of them buried in the subconscious mind, constitute life’s greatest obstacle to success and happiness. Instilled in us by childhood experiences, these faulty assumptions reach from the past to paralyze potential, prevent change, and wreak havoc in relationships. Difficult parents, traumatic events, or harsh words spoken in the early years of life can write nearly indelible messages on the psyche, ones that are then dragged into and through adult life, influencing behavior and devastating self-esteem. These “Grand Illusions” become the source of baffling and frustrating patterns of conduct that are counter-productive or even self-destructive. By replacing these Grand Illusions with even Grander Realities, you will chart a new course for your life and regain control of your destiny. READ CHAPTER ONE HERE.



Video of Billy Performing the World’s Second-Best Card Trick!

Watch as Billy Riggs presents this funny routine for 1500 people in Houston in August of 2023, and does it in every show. BTW, this is the world’s best stage card trick. He’ll be happy to do the absolute world’s best card trick for you in person, but it’s too small to do for more […]

Leadership Made Simple

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! The photo above depicts the way many people perceive the leadership process: complicated. But my diagram is much simpler: It’s a mountain. True leaders function from the mountaintop. Mere bosses languish at the bottom. As if that weren’t already simplistic enough, it’s a purely binary arrangement. You’re either […]

Billy Riggs' Leadership Pyramid
Be a Leader, Not Just a Boss

THE BOSS A boss and a leader are not the same things. In fact, they’re almost opposites. A boss is one who employs a series of carrots and sticks, perks and threats, promises and punishments to leverage employees into doing tasks they’d rather not do. The boss must convince staff members that their lives will […]

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