William Riggs

Preventing and Recovering from Burnout Can Be a Real Trick!
The inherent danger of passion-induced work is its appetite for consuming all of life. Whether motivated by obsession or necessity, the driven worker is in jeopardy of losing family, integrity, health, and happiness. By internalizing the five core values of


  • character (maintaining absolute integrity),
  • intimacy (nurturing meaningful relationships with the right people),
  • achievement (making steady progress toward goals that are important to you),
  • positivity (demanding a positive outlook on life),
  • purpose (devoting energies to a worthwhile or noble cause),

you will harness the power of an integrated life and move beyond survival to success and balance. You will discover how to pursue work passionately while maintaining the joy of your work and personal life. Funny motivational speaker Billy Riggs will take your people on an emotional roller coaster ride, laughing hysterically one minute and moved to tears the next. Best of all, the message will resonate within them for the rest of their lives.
(If you prefer, the magic can be omitted and this program will be delivered as a straight keynote.)
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Billy Riggs describes one of the five ingredients of a burnout-proof life: a sense of achievement.



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William Riggs


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