William Riggs

For all who serve their fellow man out of the limelight.


Serving others, though often thankless, is magical. Those who devote their lives to the service of others invisibly transfer hope, safety, encouragement & healing from giver to recipient. They bear no fancy title, yet they wield a power more far-reaching. Designed for audiences of healthcare workers or those who toil in people-helping jobs, law enforcement or public service, this program reinvigorates the soul and reignites a passion to make a difference. Tears of laughter overlap tears of recognition throughout this touching blend of hilarity, magic and message. Book funny motivational speaker Billy Riggs for your next conference. Your people will laugh until they cry, then leave with their hearts on fire!


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Billy Riggs inspires 2500 members of the Lions Clubs of North America in the video below, reminding them of the difference they make in the lives of others. Fantastic program for those who work in any philanthropic nonprofit, people-serving or caring profession.



Terrific… very entertaining and motivational. Several of my key people who have been with me 8 or 9 years have sought me out to tell me that yours was the best program we’ve ever had at our conference. I’m not just blowing smoke — I agree with them! Garry Pincock, CEO, American Cancer Society, Pennsylvania Division


Your “show” was the best I have seen in 25 years in the health care business. Entertaining and uplifting. Connie Rutledge, Social Services, Country Health Nursing Home, Gifford, Illinois


Mr. Riggs was awesome! Haven’t seen a motivational speaker that was spot on target with his audience in years and I attend approximately three conferences annually. I’m a little bit of an anomaly in that I not only own my private Homecare firm but also a temporary employment service serving central Georgia, a hospice and a fitness center. And I’m a practicing clinical pharmacist by training. Therefore, I’m at several conferences during the year. I feel I can speak from experience that Billy Riggs is, by far, the best. Eddie Grogan, President, Georgia Chapter of HCAOA (Home Care Association of America)


Thanks to your professionalism and knowledge, the 2006 Administrative Conference was a huge success! YOUR KEYNOTE WAS THE HIGHEST RATED WE’VE EVER HAD! Lou Suquett, Senior Regional Service Director, Boys and Girls Clubs of America


I found this very rewarding and I needed to hear it. Janet Huckabee, Program Manager, Arkansas Red Cross, Wife of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee


Most amazing and inspirational. Very entertaining. Kathy Flamson, Rotary International


Your program was the best we’ve ever had at our fund-raising banquet. It was fun, moving and – most of all – led people to open their wallets and help out. Paul Schulz, Campaign Manager, The United Way of Galveston


Absolutely wonderful!! Amanda Diffie, Campfire USA


I can’t help but smile when I think of Billy Riggs. His Christmas performance thoroughly entertained a diverse audience while reminding us of the power of positive attitudes. He uses showmanship to deliver a motivational message. James Jenkins, Asst. Administrator, The Salvation Army, Texas


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William Riggs


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