THE MAGIC TOUCH (Keynote Speech)

William Riggs
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Exploding the Myths that Impede Superior Customer Service!


Based on Billy Riggs’ book, The Magic Touch, this keynote challenges the old ways of customer retention and shows that all business is genuinely show business. The Magic Touch is customer experience re-imagined, taken to a whole new level. Customer service today is not just doing the old things better (though this is vital), it is doing entirely new things. It is delivering service with the style and flair of a Broadway musical. In this hilarious, entertaining and keynote, Billy reveals how to add a magic touch to every customer encounter.
(If you prefer, the magic can be omitted and this program will be delivered as a straight keynote.)
You may choose a program to train front-line service providers, OR a program to train managers to inspire their front-liners to provide stellar service.


One program teaches front-line staff how to provide stellar service.
The other teaches managers how to inspire front-liners to provide it.
Download Fuller (.pdf) Description for Managers OR Employees

Meeting planners can receive a FREE copy of Billy’s book The Magic Touch: Positively Extraordinary Service! here.


A short clip on the Grandest Illusion plaguing Customer Service

A short clip on Service that goes the extra mile

A short clip on Service Recovery

A short clip on how internal customer service is the key to external service

The Magic Touch!

Customer Service training that’s fun and practical.

(This program can be delivered as a keynote of a half-day or full-day seminar.)

Raise the bar on customer service in a fun and magical day (or half-day)! Billy Riggs trains your team to engage customers, make great first impressions, turn satisfied customers into loyal ones, and how to disarm angry people. This program contains little magic (unless you request otherwise) focusing on customer service and communication skills. Great for front-line workers and supervisors who oversee service providers. Click on the “Download Full Description” for a full detailed description of content covered. You’ve seldom laughed so hard – or learned so much – as you will in discovering how to provide The Magic Touch. Funny customer service speaker Billy Riggs is just what your group needs.

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